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Safety Rules For Rubber Refining Machines

1. The operator of this machine must be educated and familiar with the technology and equipment to drive. 2. The lubrication system of the whole machine must be kept unblocked, otherwise it could not drive. The equipment is faulty and can not drive. 3. The cooling system shall meet the requirements of the process and should not be allowed to drive without any cooling. 4. The equipment is not allowed to work long hours in excess of the rated load. 5. Cold winter gel or burnt rubber, not allowed to feed. 6. Flammable and explosive materials, such as benzoyl peroxide, poly isobutene (plastic), etc., can not be operated in the mixer. 7. The bearing temperature is too high or to be developed at the end of the copper, to immediately stop feeding, refueling flushing, but no parking, and should be reported to the leadership and related personnel. Stop when the side wall temperature exceeds 65 Shan. 8. The compressed air is not enough to drive, lest the top and bottom latch. If the mixed rubber and rubber in the top and bottom plug stuck, should immediately stop to clear, if falling into other sundries can not immediately stop, should open up top and bottom plug unloading after the parking. 9. When the compound neoprene is found to be burnt, the material should be unloaded immediately.